Game Unplayable due to lag

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  • Hi, I just rented a Satisfactory server on nitrado the setup worked just fine.

    Me and my friend have a pretty large factory (200h+ spent) the server loaded the save file just fine except that the game is just unplayable.

    Trains are teleporting, objects on belts aren't moving at all (even though containers continues to fill up) we have between 0.5 to 2 seconds input lag on our movements.

    Ping for both of us is 18 and 16 ms so it's not the issue here.

    When I check the server info, memory is used at 100% and CPU between 90 and a 100% all the time.

    Clearly the server isn't strong enough to andle our save... Is there anything we can do ?

    Thank you :)

  • We're facing the same issue with only two players on the server. A restart doesn't improve anything. Hosting the game ourselves provides a much better performance so it doesn't seem to be a game issue. I'd assume the servers are not given sufficient resources.