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  • Server is crashing from new years event. I event tried disabling it and it still tries to activate new years event then server crashes. I dont know why i paid for this it wont stay up long enough for me to even find it on server list. BS. No support to fix it, phone lines are down.

    [2022.01.01-22.12.26:753][ 0]Log file open, 01/01/22 17:12:26

    [2022.01.01-22.12.26:753][ 0]LogMemory: Platform Memory Stats for WindowsServer

    [2022.01.01-22.12.26:753][ 0]LogMemory: Process Physical Memory: 52.31 MB used, 52.31 MB peak

    [2022.01.01-22.12.26:753][ 0]LogMemory: Process Virtual Memory: 44.21 MB used, 44.21 MB peak

    [2022.01.01-22.12.26:753][ 0]LogMemory: Physical Memory: 481139.97 MB used, 522923.84 MB total

    [2022.01.01-22.12.26:753][ 0]LogMemory: Virtual Memory: 226.42 MB used, 134217728.00 MB total

    [2022.01.01-22.12.27:065][ 0]ImportText (LevelExperienceRampOverrides): Missing opening parenthesis:

    [2022.01.01-22.12.27:065][ 0]ImportText (LevelExperienceRampOverrides): Missing opening parenthesis:

    [2022.01.01-22.12.27:068][ 0]ImportText (LevelExperienceRampOverrides): Missing opening parenthesis:

    [2022.01.01-22.12.27:068][ 0]ImportText (LevelExperienceRampOverrides): Missing opening parenthesis:

    [2022.01.01-22.12.27:148][ 0]ARK Version: 942.26

    [2022.01.01-22.12.43:122][ 0]ImportText (LevelExperienceRampOverrides): Missing opening parenthesis:

    [2022.01.01-22.12.43:122][ 0]ImportText (LevelExperienceRampOverrides): Missing opening parenthesis:

    [2022.01.01-22.12.43:479][ 0]Primal Game Data Took 16.11 seconds

    [2022.01.01-22.13.17:204][ 0]Server: "[US] volks 10x" has successfully started!

    [2022.01.01-22.13.27:347][ 0]Full Startup: 62.38 seconds (BP compile: 0.00 seconds)

    [2022.01.01-22.13.27:347][ 0]Number of cores 20

    [2022.01.01-22.13.28:299][ 0]Search Handle :bc7fcdb5-254a-4697-839a-05a676f708ce

    [2022.01.01-22.13.28:383][ 1]Server attempting to run new years event

    [2022.01.01-22.13.28:383][ 1]Sever Is not set to official or running NewYearEvent argument

    [2022.01.01-22.13.29:719][ 5]Set New Years event location: 337198.312 - -82031.383 - -10664.404

    [2022.01.01-22.16.24:872][529] - FPlatformMisc::RequestExit(1)

    [2022.01.01-22.16.24:872][529]Log file closed, 01/01/22 17:16:24

  • Sorry that you are having issues.

    Several Unofficial Servers here and other hosts have posted many issues since last night. Even ARK Official has multiple threads. I myself has had a server issue since last night. Appears for some an ongoing issue. I have spent near 4hrs trying to fix my own. Got most of them going but one. From what I have read and not sure if true: others are reporting crashstack error from the new year event, and the server doesnt respond. For me, rolling back seemed to work for most.

  • I have been having the same issues the last days. Very annoying not being able to do anything. Never knowing when breaks and you spawn without your mount in a cave and die.

    So you do nothing.

    Nothing but wait for the answer to the Support ticket you wrote more than 24 hours ago. Waiting for an answer because Nitrado dont care about their customerservice.

  • You are giving me a Warning for offensive language?

    Im renting a SOLUTION through Nitrado. Not just hardware. But a solution with both hardware and software. So dont make excuses for support by saying otherwise.

    Are you seriously suggesting to resolve my daily issue with rollbacks? So when this happens 4-5 times a night you suggest that I firstly fight the server to make it even stop and then make a rollbacks? Every time? Are you joking?

  • Hello,

    As already provided, you can either way for Support to respond to your ticket or if you would like to try and proceed with the other suggestion is totally up to you. Game bugs, and game mechanics are not supported.

    We do not have access to your server or account here. This is a Community Support Forum for gamers and admins to suggest and help each other out.

    I will add this, but it also exists on some other posts: "Rolling back will fix most folks issues.They did for most folks already. I just had one stubborn server. I had to rollback to 3 saves."

    And yes, you were warned due to the profanity being used. Thank you for not using it again.

    And thank you for being patient while waiting for your ticket to be picked up.


    Closed the thread.