Scum Server Container/Shelter Loss & Character Reset/Change

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  • Does anyone know if this issue has been fixed bc i'll be damned thats whats happening to my server. kinda sucks bc I love this game and the wife and I love to play it together. its every morning after logging of spawn in naked and a freashie and rolls back progress on server at least a good six hrs of progress losted.

  • The same thing happens to me. My friend and I rented a server, the settings are not a nightmare and it's easy for anyone in general, but every time I stop or restart the server, it tells me that there are problems with the database, or what you wrote above, they are naked, the server works for a few minutes and freezes. It does not return any progress to me, but it stings and until the support reacts, there is nothing else I can do. Reinstall does not help either. When I ask for support for help, I get generic answers, although after that they solve the problem, but I don't get an explanation of how to solve it myself because they don't respond so quickly. I took the server to relax a bit while playing, not to get frustrated for the third day in a row.