Player *.ArkProfile Disappears

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  • Is there a timeframe that servers delete player *.arkprofile files? For the second time in recent months, I've had returning players be forced to create new characters even though their characters are asleep in the world. Looking through the SavedArks folder I can see my .arkprofile file, but the other 2 players that are on a server do NOT have their .arkprofile files.

    I have backups of those files. But I was wondering, why do they get deleted in the first place.??

  • No specific time.

    Over time when watching I have noticed it will create one the 2nd time they return.

    Also when I play, I do a save world when logging off just to be safe. Eventually the file will be overwritten. They just do not go poof. Once its created, it remains. Unless of course server rollbacks when it was not available. You may want to contact Support directly if you have files going poof. I have had mine for nearly 5yrs and have not seen that happen.