Second Character after Server Backup

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  • Hey there,

    So yesterday one servers (Lost Island) in our Nitrado-Xbox cluster crashed and they had to load a backup. All fine all Ark so far but the issue was that at the moment of the backup my character was on a different server (Gen2). Meaning that I had lost my character.

    With the help of one Admin I created a new one, they gave me some levels, etc but the whole process is a pain in the behind. Yes, there is an admin command to transfer all imprints and such but we have to do that also for Dinos in Cryo pods and on multiple servers so I came up with the idea to load a backup of the other server I was on at the time.

    That did work, my character is there and exists on that server (Gen2). The new problem is just that when I log into the server (Gen2) I login the new character. Strangely though that character did not exist at the time of the backup and it also had the levels the Admin gave me earlier.

    Is there a way to solve that? Oh and yes, I did try to upload my second character and load back into the server so maybe I could access my old one.

  • When this happens this is the best way to get back where you were at, and yes it sucks. But that is how the game is when this occurs.

    In an event your character gets deleted/corrupted from a roll back server:

    (1) Reconnect to the last known server if possible. It may or may not ask you to create a character. If it does not, and all is fine there, just CA to the restored server. It will link everything. If it asks to create a new character, and if you were in a tribe that admin will need to force you back into tribe. They may need to make you the founder as well if you were.

    (2) Reconnect to restored server.

    This is why I do not like allowing characters to be moved around to servers, but by demand from players it happens. And sadly you have to go through this task when it happens. Its even worse if you have a highly active server cause that admin has their work cut out.

  • Thanks for the quick reply but I sadly cannot quite follow.

    I am going to write more in detail what happened and what I did.

    The Lost Island Server for our Cluster launched in Friday and on Friday Evening and Saturday Evening I played a bit on it but for the night always went back to Gen2, basically the main map of the Cluster. On Sunday Evening however I had build enough stuff so that I thought I could leave my character there and continue on Monday. Unfortunately the Server during Monday crashed and there was an issue with the backup so they had to load a backup from Saturday Morning. Of course everybody was pissed but things happen, this is Ark. But due to that two people lost their characters including me. Because they rollbacked the servers to a moment where neither of us was on that Server, meaning they are lost.

    Yesterday, on Monday, I created a new character and one of our Admins started to rebuild my character. There are lots of Admin Commands. I mean not just entering a tribe but also transfer imprints, give ascension levels for defeated bosses, chibi levels, imprints for dinos in cryo pods and that on multiple servers. Midway we stopped and I came up with the idea to back up Genesis 2 to Sunday morning because as of Sunday morning both of our characters were still on Genesis 2.

    The Main Admin did that this morning (Tuesday) and it somehow worked. When I logged into Genesis 2 my old Character was back there. Well, kind of. It was lying on the floor sleep where I left it, the problem now was that the game chose to put me into my new character.

    What I now want is that the game logs me back into my old character and I tried a few things. Uploading the new and then log back into Genesis 2. Did not work. Travel to another server with the new one, logout and log into Genesis 2 in the hope it would take my old character. Did not work. It seems as if the data or rather timeframe of the server is not connected to the character as my character (the new one) is the way I left him on Monday evening even though Genesis 2 got a backup to Sunday Morning. So it shouldn't even exist in the first place.

    I hope everything is clear here.

    Now I know the straight forward solution to that problem is creating a new character, the admin forcing me into my tribe, make me admin there, give me all my imprints but they would have to do that for every Dino I cryoed and on every server. None of us wants to do that. Oh and don't forget the missions I already did on Gen2. It is just a massive hassle that is completely unnecessary.

    For us Server Transfer is essential. How else would we be able to transfer Items or Dinos. Not forgetting doing all the bosses and getting all ascensions.

  • Anytime a rollback occurs, it will cause issues. And sadly an admin would need to fix the situation. This is sadly the mechanics of ARK.

    Many servers do not enable the player transfer, and just allow items and dinos. That way you can move that stuff back and forth. But your character would start over.

    Also if you are using a cluster where its password, it will also cause character issues. This is a problem with ARK and consoles.

    The only fix is an event a server rollsback, an admin assists in resolving the problem. The other suggestion is when rolling a server back, shut down all the servers until the rollback is complete. This helps in an event some of the server have active members and this may prevent the same issue with another player.

    Perhaps others in the community here can chime in. Another good place to discuss the game would be at the official ARK Wiki/forum. I use that one often as well.