A20 Connection Spikes Causing Disconnect

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  • Curious if anyone else runs into this or has a solution. Everyone once in a while, for the period of a couple to several hours, the ping on my server will spike to the point of booting myself and the other players from the server. Usually I can reconnect for a few minutes but it will promptly spike again and boot me. I can watch the ping vary from the high 100's down to more normal 30's in the server selection screen. This will go on for quite a while, one occurrence went on for 6 hours.

  • Hey

    Yeah we have had the same issues on our 7d2d experimental 20 server since it launched, I assume it has something to do with the problems Nitrado had earlier with the servers.

    But im only guessing, its been like this for 3 weeks now, hoping for a solution soon.

    It might also be related to server trafic, the servers seem way more stable at nighttime during the week (when the server hasnt been shutdown randomly by Nitrado)