Crossplay ARK PC (Steam or Microsoft) and Xbox

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  • Hello,

    I'm sorry if this question has been answered before. I searched the forum but couldn't find a specific enough answer for my issue.

    We would like to play Ark with 2 players. One on the Xbox and one on a PC. On the PC I bought Ark in EPIC and through the Microsoft store.

    How can we play together on the same server? Is it possible with EPIC and Xbox or not?

    Can we join a public/offical/unoffical server?

    We aren't real new to the game, but only played offline on the Xbox with a split screen or single player so far. So we are absolutly new to the server/online game.

    Thank you already for your answers! Maybe you can link me forum threads or descriptions on how to join the same server.

  • Hello When it comes to crossplay it can only be done with

    Xbox and windows 10 version of Ark. You must purchase a server on the nitrado app on your xbox or through the nitrado app off the Microsoft store.

    For pc crossplay you can do steam/ epic and stadia crossplay. If you do crossplay you cannot have any mods activated.

  • So Epic/Steam/Stadia do not come with crossplay with the xbox/Win10 version?

    Is there a way to join the same server (lokal, same wifi) with win10 and xbox? So I don't have to rent a server necessarily?

  • Well tbh single player mode sounds "enough" for us. Since we did this before in split screen.

    So how do we play in that mode?

    I start ARK on the PC (Win10 version). Then I will press "host local". Then I make all the settings I want (map, how many ressources, difficulty,...) and press which button in the middle?

    "play single player" "run dedicated server" "create procedual ark" "host non-dedicated server"

    Once the game started, how do I invite my friend (Xbox, same wifi) to that Ark? I can't find myself if I play a non-dedicated server.

  • It works really well. We start a Xbox Party. I start a non-dedicated server on my laptop. And then my friend joins through the Xbox Party "Join Game". That's it.

    We are tied to each other but its about 400m radius, so it's okay.

    Thank you again for your help :)


    Closed the thread.