Server update on Xbox Server and lost 5 hours of play?

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  • Started lost island today ~ 5hr ago. about 15m ago got a server message informing of a server update in 2 mins. After ~ 15m server restarted. Reloaded. Map is wiped clean.

    1st night on new map with this server, so tweaking setting every 60m.


  • Yeah they're also wiping some progress on my mobile server without any prior notification stating there was a "minor glitch in the files". So they shutdown and then did a restore which is resulting in what appears to be an entire day of progress for everyone, right in the middle of peak hours tonight with several of us running a dungeon.

    Their response to my emails has gone unanswered. The support they offer or lack thereof is a joke. As you guys are on console and not mobile, you should have other options for renting a server from someone that's not Nitrado. I recommend you do that if possible and bring any intact save files with you beforehand.

    My server is stuck in a shutdown state and won't respond to commands either. I've given up for the evening and going to a different game.

    Sorry to hear about your loss too.