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for some time now we have been creating and maintaining new ways to help game server admins with questions and problems as quickly as possible, e.g. our Guides section and the Nitrado Community Discord.

Therefore, we inform you that the Nitrado Forum will be closed on March 31, 2023. We are consolidating our community support to our Discord channel, which is faster and more efficient. We have also seen incredible growth in our community due to the hard work of our moderators and our bots. We are confident that this move will ensure that we provide the best support possible for our users.

Thank you to all members for your continued use of the forum!

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  • So! Most important thing first. No users can create posts in the Satisfactory forum. No users can reply to posts in the Satisfactory forum. DO NOT move this post to the Satisfactory forum where no one can help me. If you don't want your general threads cluttered with Satisfactory posts... make it so people can actually make posts and replies in their dedicated space. Other instances where it's been mentioned:

    I can't seem to reply to any threads in the Satisfactory topic

    Unable to create thread in Satisfactory Support Forum

    Each time a mod comes in and says it's been "noted", but has it really if it's been a few months?? That being said, I want help from the community or Nitrado. So moving this post into the void of space of the Satisfactory forum where no one can reply defeats the purpose. So leave it in the general support until/unless you fix the Satisfcatory forum issue so I can actually be helped, please.

    And now on to my issue: Satisfactory has two different server builds. Stable, and Experimental. My server was just fine with all of my friends playing while we were running the stable build on all of our clients. When I set up my Nitrado server, there wasn't a box anywhere or information stating that I had to choose which branch of server I was going to be purchasing/installing/using whatever. And I would assume that the most stable build of the game would just be the one offered and installed at the get go. Especially if there was no mention of it beforehand.

    So when I get the message that I need to update my game to experimental, I can't help but think... someone at Nitrado doesn't know there's two different builds of servers? Did they pause to think that some users don't want to go into the experimental branch because there's the possibility of game breaking bugs and glitches that could ruin save files? Shouldn't this little blip of information been somewhere in the payment info? Experimental servers only?

    At one point this might have been mentioned on the Nitropedia (which is still not the payment info screen, but hey at least the info is out there). It's definitely not there now though. So... is a stable server possible through Nitrado? If only experimental servers are offered, why would that information be gone?

    Really ? You're not using the experimental branch of the game ?

    Even the nitradopedia says that you can only create servers for experimental and I can't find the server I'm renting from the in game server manager (in early access branch, or stable).

    So then.... Does Nitrado only offer Experimental servers? Do they know that there's a Stable branch of Satisfactory servers? And that I and maybe others would very much like to stay on the stable branch because I don't want to live with the possibility of game breaking bugs? Is there a setting somewhere in the server dashboard I can tick so that I can make my server STAY on the stable branch? And it's not just me being psychotic, there was a post made yesterday concerning the same thing:

    Again, MODS, do *not* move this post to the Satisfactory forum until it has run its course. No one can help me there because no one can post there. I tried getting support through a ticket. But Nitrado didn't think it was "important" enough to warrant an answer. So this is my only shot at learning about this, and deciding if I need to cancel my Nitrado subscription and move somewhere else. Thank you all in advance for reading my way too long post and hearing my pleas.

  • To append this need:

    Per the official Wiki on Dedicated servers for Satisfactory:

    Dedicated servers - Official Satisfactory Wiki

    Experimental branch selection

    To download the Experimental branch of the Dedicated Server, add -beta experimental to the end of your SteamCMD invocation. See the following example commands for Linux and Windows respectively:

    From looking through the configuration files on the Satisfactory Game here on Nitrado: it does appear that this is using Steam for creation.

    We simply need the flag surfaced for us to choose beta, or not.


    Closed the thread.