Patch 1.2 broke dedicated server.

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  • So, after the update i am no longer able to launch my dedicated server through Nitrado.

    When i look at the Nitrado dashboard, it looks like its online, except that it only uses 8 mb ram. When i look at the admin-web interface, it says offline. Serverlog only has the "Could not inform friends server about server" and "Could not register at friends server: #10001", but it seems that other has that as well, but their servers seem to work. So far i have tried:

    Restarting the server

    Disabling mods

    New savegame

    New map

    Nothing helped.

    I tried changing the location of my Nitrado server to force a fresh install and it actually helped, the server launched and the RAM usage was about 800 mb (new save on Erlengrat). But i couldnt find the server, then i noticed that the server was version after a restart it updated to, ram usage fell back to 8 and it went offline in the admin-web interface.

    I dont know what else to try now. Any ideas? I inquired Nitrado if its possible to rollback to, so i can use the server again, but no answer yet.