adding spawns/engrams to Ragnarok server

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  • I recently rented a 10 slot server and have been trying to add a few Aberration spawns and engrams to the Ragnarok map, in addition to removing microraptor, pegomastax, ichthyornis and eurypterid entirely. I think removing those spawns has worked, but I'm not seeing any of the creatures I added and the engrams are still unavailable.

    Would someone take a look at my config and tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thank you!

    ARK config - (server name, password etc edited out)

    Also if anyone could clarify the breeding multipliers, that'd be great? Turned the mating interval down to 0.2 and it's still HOURS. Is that right?

  • The auto engrams, config crafting overrides, and spawn entries need to be added to the game.ini file, not the gameusersettings.ini, so once those codes are moved to the correct file you should be good to go (as far as i can tell anyway). As far as the breeding multipliers, we have it set at .05 on our public pvp servers and its about 1.5-2 hours between matings. On our private servers, we have it set at .003 and its about 6 minutes between breeding cycles.

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