Server Wont load

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  • Been trying to get my A20 server to work on random world gen. Seems to not save all the game settings mainly admin server file. I keep getting the error that value is invalid. Im assuming this is whats wrong with the server as it says its online but the restart hasnt changed the IP after changing it from navezgame to RWG. Anyone know how to fix?

  • Hey,

    sounds strange. Did you set the same Worldname? Maby there is some issue with it because the old Name is somewere in the server cache. I mean like a double file name, cant have double name etc.

    Or try to delete the serveradmin.xml under tools and upload a new one. It could be there is some info into for the navezgane map.

    I'm not sure, that's what i would try.

    (Sorry my english ist not so good :D )