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  • Is anyone else having an issue where Nitrado is forcing what seems like a continuous restart every 5-10 minutes?

    This has been happening to me for the last 4 days. I hop onto the server and if I don't get timed out from the get go, I then get kicked out of the game within 10 minutes.

    Today I had the Nitrado dashboard up while attempting to log in and would see in real time as the server would go through its restart process (with no help from me) seconds after getting kicked out of the game. It's gotten to where it is impossible to play this game

  • Already emailed a ticket with updates as they happened. going to patiently wait until i get a response. If I don't hear anything in the next day, I will definitely call.

    But now that isn't the biggest problem. I just observed as I manually stopped the server, within 2 minutes it was trying to restart itself. THAT definitely seems like a Nitrado issue.