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  • My one and only WISH is that nitrado sort out there support system as its a joke have a ticket in past 3 hours with no response running a big community and server goes down during peak time friday and the start buttom is broken for server and i have to wait until they decide to answer my ticket to get it back on what a joke

    I use nitrado because i have to for our console servers i run pc servers also and deal with companies much bigger then nitrado and there customer care is 1000x better and faster

    Get it toghter for god sake

  • Hello,

    sorry that you are having issues. Tickets are worked in the order in which they are received. It can be up to 24hrs. In some cases depending if other issues are occurring up to 72hrs.

    You can at any time give them a call on Skype for faster service.

    Thank you.


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  • I would just like to update this post and say that any would be Nitrado's customers should AVOID this service at all costs this is coming from a person who is a veteran Nitrado customer for past 13 months as i have no choice but to use this service for my console community i also run one of the largest pc dayz communitys which until just recently was ranked Number one on battle metrics,

    In my 13 months with nitrado i have PAGES of tickets where some actually went TOTALLY ignored to this day, There is NO excuse what so ever for a server hosting company to leave tickets go even 5 hours without a response especially when they give no tools to diagnose anything ourselfs for people like myself who runs and owns many dedicated servers on pc even heavily modded servers that require alot of maintaince have never seen anything like what i see at nitrado

    The customer servers is the WORST by a LONG way i have ever seen i run a very large community and this sort of downtime does irruptable damage to communitys yet AGAIN a ticket went in 13 hours ago due to a ISSUE ON NITRADOS END where by the start button no longer does anything for the server and within that 13 hours ive received one reply telling me it was being forwarded to another department yet with no urgency 6 hours later i am still without a further reply server down now almost 14 hours

    Over the course of today i am going to now gather photo evidence of every single ticket interaction i have had with nitrado over the past year and will be doing a lengthy write up on why this server is a monopoly i will then use my community on discord which is 3 times the size of nitrados own official discord to spread across the internet to every possible Redit,Gaming forum,Trustpilot literally you name it im going to make sure everyone knows to AVOID this company with a community the size of my own and with the hard evidence i am going to be able to provide from a year long nightmare of putting up with this nonsence i can tell you now i will inflict the same ammount of damage that nitrado fores upon us community owners when our servers go down and we are left in the dark for a day during peak time on weekends

    I am also screen recording as i type this messages to prove it was posted incase nitrado remove it from there forum if they do it will only straighten my case ill also update the thread later will all the attached photos of tickets as i feel its ONLY FAIR any would be nitrado customers know what there getting into and i think even NITRADO themselfs will agree with me on that

  • I'm pretty sure, that there's alot of customers with far less problems than yours, I've been a customer here at Nitrado for years, and yes, I've had problems, but nothing big, it sucks to have problems with a host, but there's no need to act like that, but that's your choice. And if Nitrado was such a bad place, I'm sure that several games wouldn't be hosting official servers here.


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