Server not updating. Help!

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  • Hello. I have a DayZ server here on Nitrado. Yesterday I was playing fine, but today when I got home there was an update to Dayz.
    Whenever I try to connect to my server it says my server version is 1.15.154337 and my client is 1.15.154355.

    I run the DeerIsle map and I have tried manually overwriting files on my server with the updated ones from DayZ Server on Steam. It is still giving me the above error, not allowing me to join. I have tried many different things now, but I am at a loss.

    I can connect to other servers no problem. Am I just not updated yet from Nitrado's side? Though I'm thinking a manual overwrite would have fixed that. Please help!

  • the last couple of dayz updates have taken a long time to reach the servers, certainly for this morning's patch and the recent 1.15 patch. This is in stark contrast to previous updates which Nitrado handles swiftly for seamless transitions ... its a bit disappointing to be offline so long

  • hello :)

    The update has just been released, the servers usually update automatically, sometimes it takes a while but you can try restarting the server and if after a while it still doesn't update I suggest you contact the support team.

  • I have tried various things, restarting included, but no luck so far.
    It seems as though I am not the only one with the problem, so I think for now we just have to wait and hopefully the update will come.
    If not, then I shall try as you advice and contact the support team.

    Thanks for your reply.

  • Thank you.. hope it worked but now having an issue this morning with the server being an older version then the client.. showing the server is and the client so back to the boards to try and fix that to see if the types file was why it messed up the loot.. thank you for the link. If you look for my friends server I posted it some where on here but we passworded it for now only 4 can play seems only I play and I been messing with controlling the loot .. some funny stuff happened that was not so funny in game but good learning experience so far.. do not increase sea chests to 10,000 or barrels messes shit up lmao.. every single shed had one or the other in them and no other loot spawned till they are taken out of the shed's or other places they spawned.. but the camps I created prior to and after are loaded with them so heavy it eats the memory up when entering anyway after I am able to check to see if this fixes the loot spawn problem I will be doing a complete reload of the game now that I know kind of what numbers to play within.. I have until the end of the month to get it figured out then I will either pay him to keep the server up or start a new myself. Oh I was saying it is password protected but will be removing the password as soon as I get this conflict client/server versions fixed.. so feel free to log on it and mess with the loot you find vehicles trucks at camps and such if you just want to try them out.. I did limit one side of the spawn points so we would spawn in the same area all close to our camps which are stocked.. great for new players to learn/see what can be found/used and stuff. Wish me luck in getting it done this evening. Thanks again guys really appreciate it. Cross post the invite if you want to new players, friends and people that just want to check things out or mess stuff up.. ammo weapons gear vehicles and very little worry about other players killing you on sight (hopefully) I don't do that any where and have been killed so many times on other servers cause i cant figfure my mic out.. thats another post I will have to make soon.. have a great day guys I gtg move snow again soon. Thanks.

  • I signed in earlier to update some of my types.xml values, and when I did, my server had had all of my modded files reset to default. The init.c, cfgeventspawns, globals, etc... everything.

    Restored an old backup because I didn't want to hand-restore all of those old files but now I'm having the same issue.

    Never had an issue before with losing all my modded .xml files with a server update until now. It's a big bummer. Hope it gets sorted soon.