Loads til Splash Screen, Freezes at 100%

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  • Hey yall thanks in advance for the help.

    Neither myself nor any of the homies can get on our server right now, it lets you select from the list, and hits the load screen, hits 100% then when you hit A it locks up the entire game client and crashes back out to the Home Screen (all on Xbox).

    Is this related to the ongoing server issues Nitrado is talking about, or unrelated I guess is my question. Everything on the Web Interface shows the server is running fine. I did a full restart, I've tried reverting to a backup file. I guess I could revert a little while further back but I was trying to avoid doing that until absolutely necessary.

    Any help or advice greatly appreciated.

  • we got the same, working correct last day till around 18:00 now no one can join, restart don't work and already got new IP from nitrado without success, sometimes 1 person can join but the game is laggy and unplayable

  • update: after reset only 1 person can join and play the game now. others are not able anymore. if we reset again and someone else tries he can join but the other are still stuck in sync. so its a 1 person server now?

  • hello :)

    have you checked your connection ? if someone is managing to log in to the server that may indicate that it is working fine, you can still contact the support team if you are still having problems.

  • What about OP? No one can connect to ours. It freezes at 100%. I've rolled back the server save to get it to work for another day but we always end up back here. Essentially we always lost the last half hour to forty-five minutes of play every night to restore the backup in the morning.

    I just tried to do a server restart and cleared the cache on my Xbox and still nothing.