Unable to remove sentry

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  • I'm having the same problem.. so I noticed that in my pc ini file for the game the wording for sentries is different.. this is the NEW format that is there after reinstalling the settings portion of the game.. which needs to be answered true or false-- Nitrados is not updated apparently which may be the cause of the issue.. i've tried 0, 1, -1 and they always respawn..


    DisableSentrySpawning=true (not sure this should be true or 1) -- many diff opinions when goggled.


    the one on nitrados ini file reads as :




    See the difference in setting wordings? I'm not sure if its something they need to fix in their (Nitrados) ini file settings or if I need to update something to make it as it should be under the new wordings from the Scum dev.

  • Update: On another thread about this same subject BadDogMonkeyBoy has the perfect solution and it works.. Find his thread and give him a like if it worked for you-- it did for me and I tried everything.. Good luck!!


    Closed the thread.