Just created a cluster server, transferring my character deleted them

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  • Just created a Cluster server with the Island and Scorched earth, after setting everything up i tried to move my character from the island to scorched earth but when i spawned i had a new level 1 character not the one i had been using. Is there any reason that this would happen and is there a way i can get my character and the progress i made back?
    I want all the players on my server to be able to bring there characters onto this new map so any help with how to make that work would be helpful!
    Thanks :D

  • *UPDATE*
    I was able to get my character back by using a server backup. However even though this server backup should only have set things back to how they where a few hours before it has instead set things a few days back ... we made a lot of progress in those few days and if possible i would like to be able to restore things to that point. All of my Map save backups are no longer there so i cant use those. There are only the Server backups and database backups, though i do not know what database backups are meant to do.
    Any help would be much appreciated!

  • I made a Support ticket with Nitrado about 2 hours ago but am still waiting. I tried checking through the FTP to be sure and all the backup files are gone from there as well. All thats left is a new save that the server made when it reset our progress and our character files that have also been reset.
    While looking at other posts here i saw one about a server being removed from a cluster losing progress, could that be what happened here? After i did the backup when i checked the server Cluster ID had been removed from the settings. I left it like that just to test if the first backup i did worked, then i realized it went back about 3/4 days.