Rented but not received Paid for a year

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  • Public Server 20 Slots 365 Days

    Server not installing or registering at all. Just stuck no access to the server on main ordered services page. Paid for whole year would like access to what we paying for please. TY ;(:cursing:

  • Hello,

    Sorry that you are having issues.

    Please attempt a reinstall of the server.

    If that fails or you are unable to, please contact Nitrado Support to further investigate.

    Support information is located in my signature and at the bottom of this page.

    If you already have; please continue to be patient. We are unable to assist you here in the forums.

    Moderators have no access to servers or accounts. We are volunteers and able to share experiences just like the rest as this is a Community Support Forum for Gamers and Admins just like you and I.

    Link: NITRADO