Accessing Dino inventory & Won't Follow

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  • When i log into my Ark Server world, i am unable to access my dinos inventory with the x button and they will NOT follow me even though it shows that they should be following me but they are unresponsive unless i ride them. Normally i can access inventory with the x button on but nope, have to use the Y Button access inventory. i hosted a local game and there aren't any problems. so this "GLITCH" is server based. what's going on and HOW DO I FIX IT? i've restarted all of my gear. Modem, Router, xbox one & Restarted the server via Nitrado Settings. none of this fixes the problem on the server. if there are going to be problems like this. i'll stop payment on the server. I WILL NOT PAY FOR SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT WORK ! ! !

  • Hello.

    I too have an xbox server I have never came across this issue. Are you able to reinstall a server and then apply the backup for the previous safe to see if this fixes it? I don't think it's an actual server issue it could be a settings issue? Have you tried to tame a new dino or anything along those lines to see if this corrects the issue as well.

  • I to have the same problem! If it's a setting issue, are you (Moderator) supposed to know your product and know what setting can fix this issue. It's an on going issue for many servers an there is now way of knowing how to fix this issue! Please help, I dont want to stop payments over something that can be explain in settings better by Nitrado


    Closed the thread.