Which offer may I subscribe to have a no lag server ?

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  • Hello,

    I would like to know what offer I have to bid to have the most efficient server possible.

    I want to have a server without lag but with harvest rates x15 and a stacking mod (Haze Stacks). However, when you have such rates, farm with a bronto, a doedicurus, or a wyverne (thatch) very often generates a very large server load and lags can make the game unplayable.

    The server can lag so much that it can crash.

    I currently have a server ESP Publicserver 16 slots, but I want the top of the top, no longer feel latency when a player decides to go farm with his doedicurus.

    Which offer must I subscribe?

  • Hello

    When it comes to Ark there isn't an upgrade available for that. On my server we don't allow Brontos for that reason. You can farm just as easily with other dinos with settings at 15. The servers change based on what's needed for then to run. But with a bronto and those settings you're going to get lag no matter what.

  • We have had the rates that high for PC, with bronto, and about 8 players online with 100+ tamed dinos each, wild dino spawns 1.5x with no issues.

    Accessing the loot drops has been the only thing that has caused lag spikes.