Having Issue setting up my Nitrado Server! PLEASE HELP

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  • I've recently rented a 10 player max Ark server, although I'm doing it from the Nitrado website on my computer. I've been trying to make it so I can play with my Xbox Friends by using ARK through the Microsoft Store (Which is where I'm opening the game to look at my server, but it does not pop up). I went into my Settings> General> typed in "Cross" and CrossPlay Showed up. But when the dropdown menu shows up there is no option to choose Windows10 / Xbox for cross play. My only options are "Crossplay through Stadia" "Allow Only Steam Players" "Allow Steam and Epic Games Launcher" and "Only Allow Epic Games Launcher" I can't seem to find the resolution for this and am trying to look through other forums but I cannot seem to find anyone having the same issue as me.^^

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your recent purchase.

    To get an XBox Server which you can do what you ask for you need to get it through the App, not the site. The site has a warning that displays advising how to get XBox Server.

    Please contact Nitrado Support to see if they are able to refund your PC Server so you may get the one through the app.

    This is why you are not seeing additional options.

    Thank you

  • Well that'll be an issue on my side of things. I apologize I never noticed the pop-up. Now I have Nitrado through my computer, which I'm assuming will not work. But if I turn on my Xbox and go to the app and login, will I be able to see my server? And from there, will I be able to enable crossplay between xbox and pc?

  • No, you will not see it.

    You can ONLY enable CrossPlay on XBox Servers with Win10.

    A PC Server which you have can only allow PC/Steam, Stadia and EPIC players.

    Also mods are ONLY available to PC Servers.

  • So, I have gone through the process and successfully started a Windows 10/Xbox One Ark Server. When I am on Nitrado it says my server version is 940.12, but the recent ARK patch notes are 940.11. My server has been running for roughly 10 minutes and I have yet to see it show up on the server lists now, I have followed all of the filter things and to disable auto-favorite, yet it doesn't show up. I'm assuming this is a lack of patience error but reassurance is always accepted. Thank you!