Server Transfers - Advanced Customization

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  • I am trying to create my ideal server cluster that i've envisioned for years now. However, I need help in customization. Specifically with server transfers.

    My cluster is a Hybrid PvE / PvP cluster, with boosted rates for the PvP servers (5x standard, 7x on weekends), half/normal rates for the PvE servers (0.5x standard, 1.5x on weekends).

    To further create balance in this cluster, I need help with advanced customization with server transfers. Ideally, the transfers would work as follows:

    PvP to PvP = Instant

    PvE to PvE = Instant

    PvE to PvP = 1 hour timer

    PvP to PvE = 8 hour timer

    The exact time on the timers I would like to be tweakable as needed as we continue/experiment with the cluster. I know server timers are possible on official servers, I've been playing on official since 2015. But there is currently no option (that I see at least) to enable it on unofficials.

    If setting transfer timers is not possible, then I would like to try an alternate transfer restriction that is also currently enabled on official servers. Something similar to the Beginner servers. For those that aren't aware, beginner servers on ark are on the official cluster, but have a limited "One-Way" transfer direction to main official servers.... You can start a character on a beginner server and transfer into official servers. But no one from official servers can transfer into beginner servers.

    I would like to enable something similar between the PvE and PvP servers, where server Transfers would work as follows:

    Sunday - Tuesday ; Thursday - Friday

    PvP to PvP (ONLY)

    PvE to PvE (ONLY)

    Wednesday ; Saturday

    PvP/PvE to PvP/PvE (FULL Transfers enabled)

    Any help with this is appreciated!

  • Hey GipsyDangerMKX ,

    This is what you'll need to add/change in game's ini file:




    Can be put into GameUserSettings.ini with 86400 seconds being the default for 24 Hours. Just calculate, in seconds, how long you want the new decay timer to be.