Server immediately quits as soon as forge is involved

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  • I'm a bit at my wit's end here.

    Recently, I decided to change around a few mods on my server files. Now, my modded server for just me and a friend has been working perfectly fine before i decided to move some stuff around, and now it refuses to even load forge. I'm uncertain if this is a nitrado issue or a forge issue.

    This is the same output I get from the console each time. I'm not sure if something in the way nitrado handles things changed ever so slightly to break the whole thing or not. There's no crash logs or anything from forge, which is leading me to ask here first rather than the forge forums. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated — I've done a clean install several times over, only to come down to the same error each time.

  • As it turns out, I've conveniently forgotten to not overlook the fact that I had to change it from Java 16 to Java 11 for it to work.

    Don't be me, folks. Remember to check your versions.


    Closed the thread.