Server won't start after restart just shuts down

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  • Was playing on xbox and noticed specific dinos were glitched out so I restarted the server, same as usual... it acts like it's restarting and then it stops itself and when I start it, it will say restarting just to stop again.

    And I don't know what to do try to go to support and we'll here I am.

  • I am having the exact same issue with my Xbox Ark server. After seeing your comment I believe its a server side issue. Do NOT restore any backups. It doesnt seem to fix the issue. I just lost hours of progress for no reason at all.

  • I am attempting to join the Nitrado Discord for more info. Unfortunately it seems Im currently stuck in the language selection. It doesnt let me select anything.

    UPDATE: I am currently chatting with support. I will keep updating this if I have more info.

    UPDATE: I have been informed "At the moment there are some general issues regarding the Game ARK which is currently getting investigated by your developers.
    Kindly ask you for some patience."

    This is currently my first month using the server and it is NOT going well. I seem to be having issues every other day from "server address not found" to random glitches where I have to leave and rejoin the server to this. I dont think I will be keeping this server. Does anyone else have any info for other server hosts for ark? If not ill look in the session list myself and see which hosts others are using