Ark Current Event and Imprinting

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  • Hi all,

    Is anyone experiencing issues with imprinting while using the option to "use current official event" on their servers? I have my Mature speed at 20, my Egg hatch at 10 and my Cuddle interval at .05. Normally when raising a megalosaurus it's 4 imprints at 33% each, but since enabling the summer event the imprinting has gone down to 9% each time.

    After I enabled the summer event there was some code added to my GameUserSettings.ini that had adjusted breeding rates (that's not where it goes..) so I deleted this text when I found it, but now I'm noticing an issue when raising megals.

    Any input you can provide would be appreciated.

  • Did you notice extra code added when you enabled the event? I had the valentines event running prevously and I remember it was something like "-valentines event" and then different breeding stat multipliers.

    What is the best way to ensure the server has my actual rates applied? Reset the ini's to default, restart server then re implement my changes? They are altered currently, but it seems it's just the Cuddle stat.


  • I have not noticed any 'added' code other than the code I personally add.

    As for the application. I have PC Server so I am not sure what is available for PS4 folks. I would log in the website, go to configuration profiles. Save. It will save the latest ini's.

    Then what 'I' i would do is a fresh install (this clears the ini), then recover from a recent backup. Note: the backups are not recent so you may lose progress.

    Then after that I would change the event, load the configuration profiles. OR skip the reload part and just set them as you wish. This way you know all is clean.