Gameusersettings.ini and Game.ini Not saving.

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  • Hello, I have tried to update my gameusersettings.ini and game.ini settings. For some reason these will save and apply certain things to the server however it will not save others. For example I have tried to add:



    to gameusersettings.ini but for some reason it will not accept this change.

    I have also tried to adjust:




    to be 0.5 instead of 1 and that change will also not take effect, the server just kicks back to the last saved version.

    I have also tried to add custom leveling parameters to both players and dinos which does not take effect either.

    I have put the custom character and dino levels into an attachment.

  • Yes, of course. Certain things have already been able to be applied, however other things will not let me add them. I have attached both GameUserSettings.ini and Game.ini files so you can see some changes have been allowed to be made while others the server will not take. I have converted them to .txt documents so I can upload them, but they are copied and pasted straight from the expert settings files.