trying to access gameusersettings.ini

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  • Hi, I am new to hosting an online server and need some help with modifying the gameusersettings.ini. From my searches I found a way is to go into expert mode. Clicking on expert mode says it will lose many set values. I was wondering if there's a way into add some things to the .ini without going into expert mode? I have the dino storage v2 mod and trying to get access to some of the settings in the mod through the gameusersettings.ini. If I need to go to expert mode what's the best way to gather all my current settings to input them in expert mode?

    Thanks in advance!

  • You do NOT have to ever use Expert mod. This is what I do since I LOVE the webUI for the non expert way.

    Use the WebUI for you core settings.

    Then you can go to Engine settings. At the bottom, you can add code. It adds to the game.ini.

    If you want to add to the gus.ini you can do it 3 ways: (1) expert, (2) use the file browser through the site, and add that way, (3) using filezilla, edit the file via ftp.

    I used option 3 always for the gus.ini. :)

    Make sure your server is offline through doing this.

    Also when you find what you like, in the webUI "configuration profiles" Save the ini changes. This is how I do like events on the weekend vs weekday where I need to change the ini files. I can activate as needed, then reboot. :)