Connection Timeout problems

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  • I have a friend that has trouble connecting to the server. Me and another friend can connect alright, but for him right after the "loading mods" phase and he begins loading into the server he times out. I read somewhere something about the following settings:




    My question is where would I put these lines at on a nitrado server and would they make a difference?

    the place I found the link:…9619105575760751/?l=greek

  • If you can connect and your friends cant, changing a server config would not be the recommended solution. That will change the setting for everyone.

    That post if you read further into, others issues I would look at first.

    If you have players that can connect, and some can not, this leans mostly to a client issue. Could be a number of issues. Could be latency, cable modem, firewall, not updating mods on client, corrupted files with steam, out of date drivers, out of date patches, list goes on.

    I would start with the validation of steam files, if that fails then delete all mods in the client and redownload them.