Falling at installing Forge 1.17.1-37.0.97 to my server

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  • Hello,

    I've been attempting to put my custom mod pack onto my server and some of the mods require Forge 37.0.97. I have followed through the tutorial on the wiki for custom installs but modern Forge servers come with a .bat file and do not have the .jars that I should be renaming.

    I have gone into the files and found some files that look similar but they do not work when renamed and used for the same function.

    The first screenshot shows the lack of files that I should have but don't. The second shows the files I tried to use in place of them and didn't work out.

    The current most recent version of forge Nitrado has currently is 37.0.60 or something like that, which works until I add mods because some mods require the newer version of forge.

    Anyone know what I am missing here, or has the process changed.

    I should mention that I do have the server working locally and can connect to it. But I can not get the files I need to make it work on Nitrado.

  • Hello Vashmilla.

    To be able to start a Forge server from version 1.17, please copy the following file into your server folder.

    If you install a 1.17.x server directly from Nitrado, you will get this file automatically copied into your server folder.

  • Thanks for helping, it set me up to figure this out.

    The file you linked wasn't the thing wrong with the installation, I think anyway. It was already in there but:

    I did rename it the Forge-Server-Starter.jar to minecraft_server.jar and replace the old one with it, but as you say there was already one in there which was launching the server as the selected nitrado version which was also the newest available at this time, ForgeVanilla37.0.60-1.17.1. I Imagine it was me being a pepega and not realising I could have done the steps I did in my additional notes below.

    Additional notes for anyone else who might stumble upon this issue:

    In your nitrado server navigate to /minecraftotherpacks/libraries/net/minecraftforge

    In there there will be fmlcore and fmlloader.

    If you have followed the server install steps from the wiki and you are still launching in the old version delete the old 37.0.60 versions of these files.

    Add the ones from your local install to that spot instead if they are not already there.

    In my case I had both in there but the server was preferencing the older ones.

    And next located in /minecraftotherpacks I also changed the ForgeVanilla37.0.60-1.17.1.txt and changed it's contents to ForgeVanilla37.0.97-1.17.1 and file name to ForgeVanilla37.0.97-1.17.1.txt which is shown in the second screenshot.

    As of now the server is Launching in the version I wanted, I can connect to it, latency seems fine, and it seems playable.

    Also as a fyi to anyone who thought to double click the Forge-Server-Starter.jar locally it did start up a server which you can attempt to connect to and it does connect. I just recommend restarting your PC to close out of that and get that processing power back. I only realised it opened something because I had my local server ip saved and it picked it up. Otherwise there is no indicator that it is running.


    Thanks again,

    Hopefully this can help out others who have similar issues as well. I've spent many hours fiddling around and maybe you won't have to.