Hardware Performance Upgrade

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  • Hello,

    You are unable to upgrade the HW on any server except for MC.

    What happens say you get a 10 slot server and you are using alot of resources, the server will automove to a newer that is within the game specs. Its now based on the mod amount like some folks think. You really shouldnt run alot of mods unless you know what you are doing, especially the different type of mods. ie: green, yellow and so on. Some mods will conflict with each other. Be aware of whenever a mod updates, server will need to be restarted for new folks to join. And if you have alot of mods, expect many restarts. I usually run 15-20 and runs fine. Even at 10 slots (16 if you are running Gen2).

  • Forgive the necro, but I wanted to keep my question in-line with what Doagen said above.

    We were having issues on our server with brief freezes and so on, and so the Nitrado support member I was talking with on the phone told me to upgrade my server hardware selection in the Upgrade/Downgrade section of the CP. Now I read the post above that contradicts what I was told and have paid for... so which is correct?

    Did the Tech on the phone just lie to me to get me to spend more money on your services or was the post above incorrect?
    We are running a Space Engineers server and it would keep freezing for a second or so like every 20-30 mins, so that is why it was suggested and thus purchased.
    We have not noticed the skips since but now I am wondering if the upgrade was really necessary at $100 for the upgrade which could have been spent on extending the service instead.