Event timers for multiple game server configuration files

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  • Hi there,

    I wish to suggest a recommendation for the automation of supporting multiple game server config files that support event triggers based on time and calendar entries.

    example: CONFIG 01: Mon-Fri (Weekdays ORP) & CONFIG 02: Sat-Sun (Weekends NO ORP). For example You create a scheduled timer, select the game server config file you wish to be assigned to your event timer and then every Friday evening @ 10pm NiTRADO restarts the game server and applies CONFIG 02. On Sunday evening at 10pm NiTRADO restarts the game server and reverts back to CONFIG 01.

    I feel this would NOT ONLY be beneficial to NiTRADO hosted ARK: Survival Evolved game servers as more and more survival games are also supporting ORP too.

    I hope we can all together rally a show of hands in favour of this OPTIONAL feature to show our support to the development team!

    Many Thanks 👍