Infistar and setViewDistance, setTimeMultiplier

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  • So I'm currently doing the last bit of housekeeping on getting my server setup, however a persistent issue I've been trying to figure out is infistar seems to be over-writing the ViewDistance in the *.arma3profile file, and using setViewDistance afterwards is also equally over-written. This has also been messing with TimeMultiplier and setTimeMultiplier settings....

    I'm not really that tied to using infistar, however it's a convenient server-side interface that allows me to do all of the testing and other things I need to do to make sure the server is properly set-up. (teleporting around, shooting up missions to make sure loot spawned properly etc)

    I know there's a setting in the AHconfig file that allows you to override this, however I am not aware that I have any actual access to the AHconfig (it seems to be using some kind of shared config). Anyways, i don't know if support could either set my view distance up to 2200m and set my time modifier to 6x, or whether they can just turn these functions off in infistar to allow me to just use the ones I already set in .arma3profile.

    At the moment I have infistar turned off, just so I can accomplish some other needed testing, but I'm also open to other suggestions for other admin tools (unfortunately, now that armaholic is down (wtf?!) it's kinda hard to find good suggestions for this). I really want something that's server-side only, I know AdminToolkit and some of the others (NSS) kinda have a similar functionality, however they still require a client modification.

    Appreciate it any help on this. Thanks.

  • Hello ArmedAndOrganic.

    regarding the issue that the profile file overwrites itself, we have already recorded an internal ticket.

    Thus, this should be fixed quite soon by our developers and this profile file will no longer overwrite itself.