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  • Hello,

    I’m not able to install sourcemod by the way of the Nitrado Wiki, and I believe it’s so to sourcemod having exe files associated with it. Has anyone successfully installed sourcemod on a source server before? I’m using it on Left 4 Dead 1 but I’m sure plenty of people have installed in on their CS:GO servers and such, as it is the most common mod and base for mods in all source games.

  • I've owned a TF2 server for quite some time and metamod/sourcemod was never a problem.

    Keep in mind, Nitrado is using Linux so you have to use the linux version of the mods aswell. In the files for linux, there is no exe file. (I'm assuming, you got the windows version of the mods which won't work)

    I can only recommend the dev versions of the mods, sometimes the stable versions are just not good enough. You can always try the stable version first if you don't trust the dev version but from my expierience, i can say the dev version was never a problem.

    There should also be an option in the webinterface to enable metamod/sourcemod but im not sure whether it is the most recent version or an older one. It's usually better to install it on your own. (upload the files and restart the server, not much work anyways)

    Metamod:Source - Snapshots

    SourceMod: Half-Life 2 Scripting

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