Lost of character and tribe every time I log off

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  • Hi,

    So we started a new server on PS4 3 days ago and we changed the settings like xp buffs and breeding mods. It is not the first time we rent servers but for some reason we have issues this time around.

    We log in and start a new character after a few constructions and tames we log off. When we log back on, we either get requested to start a new character or we get logged in directly in the game but it's a new character.

    The character still has the same inventory but we lost tribe access, dino access and structure access. It's like we are the same character but a new character at the same time. :?::?:

    We tried re-installing the game, reseting the server and yet the same problem persists.

    Any ideas what might cause this issue?

    Thanks for the help