Harvesting + Taming

  • So I just bought an ark server for myself and a few friends and we wanted to boost the harvesting, taking, raising, etc. I shut down the server and I changed these options in both the general settings and expert settings and I have had no luck with harvesting or taming, which makes me think the raising will also not work but I still haven't tried it. Would anyone care to tell me how to fix this?

  • You are not able to change the settings in Expert and Web. Pick only one.

    They will cancel each other out. If you have other custom settings, you will need to only set in Expert and uncheck web. Or if you do not have custom ini say for like drops, use the web, disable expert.

  • I did them in general then turned on expert and did it there as well. I turned on expert because I wanted to make element craftable and make it so snow owls could spawn on the island and general wouldnt allow me to do that. Also I made the settings in both the same. Should I go to general and just reset to default then only use expert?