Can Someone Please Help Me With Forced World Saves

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  • Hi,

    I just went through the trouble of breeding and raising up 19 shadowmanes and a a yuti and I would like to save my server before I take them to my other server to go start knocking out boss progression.

    I am logged in as admin on my server and I'm trying to use the "cheat SaveWorld" command, I've seen in other forum posts that this command does not give you a visual que when it is run so I do not know if I have maybe entered the command wrong but when I go into the web interface for my server and look at all the backups (I'm assuming this save would go to "Map Save Backups (Internal Save Game Backups)" there is not a new file there even after refreshing a few times.

    Would anyone be able to help me out here? Just looking to make a save so if I royally mess up I don't lose (2) weeks of work.

    Thanks in advance :)

  • the command is admincheat saveworld

    cheat saveworld is for Single Player server.

    Also by running that command, it does not appear in the list you are looking at. That list are backups the server autoruns.

    That command updates your gamefile, profile, and tribe. You wont be able to see those. If you had a PC server, you could.

    With consoles you are not able to move your server files as that requires FTP.

  • Ahhh ok glad I asked; so than since it's an xbox/windows 10 server what could I do to accomplish what im trying to do? I've never had to restore the server before so I just figured based on the descriptions in the web interface that's where all the saves were.

    Is there a way to command the server to autosave? I guess since it's xbox/windows 10 those are the only saves I can restore from?

  • Yes, since it is a console server the only backups available are the ones you see in the list. No way to force a save to appear there.

    In the WebUI you can set the duration of saves, but those also are different saves. They also will not appear in the backup section. They are like saveworlds. I have mine set to auto save every 15m.