M3S keep spawning with damaged gas tanks & windshield

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  • After the update to 1.13 all of my members trucks had damaged gas tanks and windshields. After I updated my server to 1.14 I redid the XML‘s and ran across another truck with the same damage has anybody found any solutions to have trucks Spawns back to no damage?

  • go to the events file

    1. turn off truck spawns (change the active number to 0) do this will remove all trucks

    2. save settings

    3. restart the server

    4. turn on truck spawns (change the active number to 1)

    5. save settings

    6. restart server


    <event name="VehicleTruck01">









    <flags deletable="0" init_random="0" remove_damaged="1"/>





    <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="5" min="3" type="Truck_01_Covered"/>

    <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="5" min="3" type="Truck_01_Covered_Blue"/>

    <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="5" min="3" type="Truck_01_Covered_Orange"/>