Switched maps and previous map save is gone. Back to Day 1

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  • We originally had our map as Ragnarok and then most recently Scorched Earth. About a month about we switched from Scorched Earth to the Island. When I tried to change back to Scorched Earth yesterday, everything was gone and it was back at Day 1. So I then tried Ragnarok and the same thing. I have never had this issue before. On my other server (also Xbox) we didn't play on a map for a good 9 months and were able to switch back no problem, everything was there. Has anyone had this happen? Is there any way to get our saved world back for Scorched and Ragnarok? ;(

  • The folder can only save it for so long. Its based on size as I believe and it starts dumping once it reaches a threshold. You would need to contract Nitrado Support. As far as I know once the files are gone, they are gone.

  • I opened a ticket but I haven't heard anything back from it yet. I can't find any details on this. I find it hard to believe that previously the stuff was kept fine for months and months, but all of a sudden they are both gone. Just seems odd. I'm going to be very upset if those saves cannot be recovered. Stupid Microsoft.