missing update after days of release on officials

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  • Sry if this seems rude but it is a paid service after all.
    Really, "update is estimated to come on nitrado after a couple of hours after the release on officials".
    I am helping the hosting/management on a server with Ark, and to my understanding your servers should find an update a few/couple hours after the official servers get it. Well i am not 100% sure when the current official update 337.16 went live on officials but i know it's over 48hours ago, and 1 player on our server got that update and havent been able to find/join the server since. If you check the server list in-game then most unofficial server are on 337.16 aswell, but we cannot get it after multiple daily attemps to restart and even completely stop the server in hopes that the server updates still to no avail.
    Please check up on this issue, sad to hear that a player of a server i am supposed to help manage can't join because of the lack of an update on a system i can't do anything because you have an automated system for updates and no option of a manual update check.
    (posting on forum instead of a direct contact to hopefully help you not get cluttered with messages regarding the missing update, if not our server is the only one. And to help others if they are flustered or confused about it too.)

  • Hello,

    Here is additional information about how releases are handled at Nitrado. If you wish to discuss further, feel free to contact Nitrado Support directly.

    If they are minor updates, the client and server are not dependent on both to be the latest. The dont always match. Also Nitrado updates faster updates needed for like exploits and security. If it is a minor one, it will take longer.

    My client is on 337.13, my unofficial is 337.15, and I can connect to unofficial and official. It could be something else for the 1 person attempting to connect. It could be a corrupted profile or they need to do steam validation of files. Wildcards suggests as well after an update.

    When will my ARK server update when ARK has an update? [ALL platforms]

    I know you are inquiring more about official servers. I'd recommend connecting Wildcard as they are the admins/owners of those servers. This forum is a Community Support Forum for gamers and admins to discuss things about the game in general, and suggest fixes for admins.

    Just some additional information I posted above. Moderators have no access to the servers or accounts. Thank you.