Can't select Avorion as a new game server

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  • I wanted to change my current game server over to Avorion. I saw on the 'store' page that you can rent one for this game. However, when I try to change to Avorion it doesn't show up as a game title. What am I missing?

  • It is because that game has a different server hardware requirements. So 'change' game is not available. However if you go into as if you were purchasing a new server, select the game it will let you proceed. You may also contact Nitrado Support and they may be able to make this easier for you.

  • Ok thanks for the quick answer.

    I originally tried to do that first. I just tried it again. I navigate to the Products -> Gameserver page to select 'Avorion'. From there I get the typical choices of levels of server you want to purchase. Regardless of which level I choose, the page simply goes back to the original landing page for gameservers.

    Since I couldn't get it to go from there, I picked a Minecraft server, paid for the level I'd generally want, and once it was built, figured I'd switch to Avorion - which takes me back to my first topic - I can't select Avorion as a game type to switch to.

    I'm stuck is some loop.

  • Then please reach out to Nitrado Support.

    Support info is in my signature and at the bottom of this site.

    Moderators have no access to accounts or servers.

    *I was able to select that game as a new customer, and as an existing one to purchase new one. I was not able to change an existing server to this game.