DayZ PS4 cfgeconomycore.xml split XML issue

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  • Hi.
    Is it possible to split XML for a DayZ PS4 server using this documentation method ?

    I mean this code:

    1. <economycore>
    2.  <!-- existing contents of economy core xml -->
    3. <ce folder="foldername">
    4. <file name="my_changes_to_types.xml" type="types" />
    5. </ce>
    6. </economycore>

    Because it does not work on PS4 server.

    I also have tried this tutorial but had no luck

    And i have no syntax errors because when I add my events to primary events.xml file all is OK.

    Thank you.

  • igortik

    Changed the title of the thread from “DayZ cfgeconomycore.xml split XML issue” to “DayZ PS4 cfgeconomycore.xml split XML issue”.

    Added the Label PS4
  • It appears that DayZ is attempting to load the config from `DZ\worlds\chernarusplus\ce\` location instead of where the mission files we FTP are stored. I am not sure if this is a configuration problem or what, but I have a ticket opened about it now.