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  • Hi I'm trying to create an Chernarus Liberation Server but i put the mission.pbo on the mpmissions folder and i try to use the following scripts on the server.cfg

    2. class Missions {
    3. class ARMA3 {
    4. class kp_liberation
    5. {
    6. template = "kp_liberation.Altis";
    7. difficulty = "Regular";
    8. };
    9. };
    10. };

    Even so it did not work, I loaded all the mods need it, and it's not working. I need some help.

  • Hello @Rrrims,

    pls try to use this code in your Server.cfg, this should work.

    You have 1 Class too mutch only.

    2. class Missions {
    3. class kp_liberation
    4. {
    5. template = "kp_liberation.Altis";
    6. difficulty = "Regular";
    7. };
    8. };
  • stefan.koegler already try it and it didnt work, and now Im having another problem i cant stop the server.. i can enter in the server and i can use the #shutdown command but it only restart it. If i try to shutdown through the nitrado it gives me the error "Cannot run gameserverjob-stop in parallel. Another event of this type is currently running."