Server won't start

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  • Hi.

    I had a server going and tried to swap it to 7 Days to die. After install it will not start, the server remains in a perma off state. I tried a few things including buying a second server to see if it was a bug but nope straight up if you pay for a 7 Days to Die server it doesn't work. I see I'm not the only person this has happened to and I also see a staggering lack of response from the support team.

    I'll post everything they say in the ticket here when they reply so folks in the future can see what your tickets will return.

    (Just dammit Nitrado, I had to work for that money and really wanted to play this game on your servers.. now I'm out $32 just for making the mistake of trying to use your service... sorry, just really disappointed.)

  • Hello,

    It is recommended that you contact Nitrado Support to further investigate. Contact information is available via my signature and at the bottom of this site.

    Moderators do not have access to servers or accounts.

    In the meantime while you are waiting for support to respond to your ticket you may try a reinstall of the server if you wish. Note if you do a reinstall it will more than likely delete all other backups. You may want to FTP into the server if it is a PC server and make a copy of your files.

    Thank you