Frequency of Saves (AutoSavePeriodMinutes)

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  • I'm renting an XBox/Win10 Ark server, and it appears the setting AutoSavePeriodMinutes does not actually have any effect. Regardless of what I have that value set to, it still saves approximately every 30 minutes. Occasionally, I'll also see saves appear that have future timestamps (I've verified that timestamps are appearing in my local timezone, despite the warning on the Settings page that they are displayed in UTC+2).

    Can someone please explain if it's possible to increase the frequency of saves?

    I have also tried to save the game manually using the command cheat saveworld, but from this post, I see that it's not possible to create saves on your own. There is a lack of explanation here, so if anyone knows why manual saves are not possible, I would really like to understand. I assume this has something to do with a deal between Nitrado, Microsoft, and/or Wildcard.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Saveworld only does what is called an incremental save. You can not restore to that exact filesave as its incremental to the already filesize. This is the only thing you have control over with consoles. The webui backups you see are controlled/setup by Nitrado. Most of the time they are done multiple times daily. You would need to contact Nitrado Support directly for an exact, detailed answer. The save you set in the webui for server config is pretty much like you doing save world but you can control that time to be set. But again if you restore from a backup, the only access you have is what is in the restoral page.

    You will notice some times if you do a restore or server auto rolled back it may at times not have the most recent progress.

    Again, contact Support for an exact. I can only advise what I have seen or experienced.

    Here is the Wiki for visuals: