FileZilla disconnecting / cutting uploads

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  • Hello,

    Hope this finds some people well knowing that this is a common issue with FileZilla, as it would seem. I will create a edit if my ticket is processed and I'm given the gift of knowledge to share with the rest of us.

    Main issue, Nitrado Web interface cannot upload files that are of considerable size. You HAVE to use a separate program like FileZilla to directly connect to your Nitrado server to upload larger files to effectively mod your world. As of now, after doing a lot of web surfing through forums about FTP connections, it is clear that I (and you, possibly) may be well over our heads in effectively understanding how to deal with this.

    In layman terms, if you see the attached image I've provided, the problem is that FileZilla is cutting my connection during a larger file upload and when it reconnects, the previously uploaded information is saved into the Nitrado folders as a whole and prompts me to "replace already existing file?" then restarts the upload, going into full circle. These "cuts" occur randomly as far as I can tell and have gone as far as 15minutes without interruption while others have gone only 2minutes. I have directly connected my computer using a fresh CAT5 cable to my POE with all firewalls down (oh so scary) and I had a higher upload speed, but no progress to resolving the issue.

    I've done FTP diagnostics and my only issue is that I cannot do IPv6 connection types, which am unaware if that matters. Please feel free to leave a message if you have any suggestions and I will reply asap and thank you in advance for taking your time. Hopefully you've had better luck than me.

  • EDIT: Nitrado employee recommended me to try a separate program called WinSCP and it worked PERFECTLY. After noticing these disconnections in mid transfers been happening for OVER 10 YEARS through reports in FTP related forums, FileZilla will not be my main FTP program anymore. It worked for the most part, but as stated the larger files may disconnect and result into you restarting the upload into a part file titled the same as your upload.

  • I have used FileZilla over 10yrs with no issues. You can adjust the file transfer rate, and disconnect times. By default it drops as its a default.

    Glad you were able to find an alternative solution.