Event Dino colour not working?

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  • Hi there. Anyone else having issues getting Ark events working. I have rebooted- and Dino Wiped (Destroy Wild Creatures) numerous times and unable to get Event Dino colours to work. Even changed multiple times between events… and switching off, and ON again with a Dino Wipe without success.

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Event Dino colours / colour not working?” to “Event Dino colour not working?”.
  • Hi,

    in the tab General on your Web interface you can choose between the different events.

    I think u need to first shut down your server, then choose an event, then restart your server and maybe do a dino wipe ?

    I choose Easter event on our server, one with Primal Fear, and got awesome colours.

    Another way is putting the event code in your GUS-ini

    then u also need to stop ur server first .

    Hope this helps :)