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  • Hi,

    New here. Rented a server this morning. Spent a little time trying to understand the capabilities of crossplay between xbox Ark and PC Ark (crossplay seems to work with Win 10 Store version & xbox). I think I may be barking up the wrong tree I'm afraid but I need help understanding this.

    Can I rent a server on Nitrado (or ANYWHERE) so that I can host both a pc player (myself and possibly a couple friends) AND my other friend who plays on xBox??? We are able to join the same game in random official dedicated servers, but we want to enjoy the game world as our own (not deal with other people being able to join).

    If one of us hosts locally either from xbox or pc we cannot play/progress when the other person isn't around to play. Also, that HUGE tethering issue is unbearable for me and a hard dealbreaker.

    Do servers only support the PC Steam and PC Epic Games Store versions of Ark? I am willing to buy the game on any platform on PC to be able to play with my friend on xBox if we can rent and password protect our own server.

    Please help me understand if there is any way we can do this.



  • Thanks for your reply.

    I don't quite understand how to do this. I searched the Microsoft Store for Nitrado Xbox App. I have downloaded and installed it. I open it up and it shows my rented Nitrado server there. The interface seems very poor, doesn't seem to respond to mouse. There are not many options here. I click on the settings tab of my rented server and it just launches again in the web-browser. Under the "General" and "Settings" tabs, then under "Allowed Platforms" I only see four options and none of them are for Xbox. I have tried all these options including the "Crossplay with Google Stadia" option.

    When I initially started the server from I didn't see any options or ability to select or run an Xbox server either.

    I have submitted a support ticket for this issue. I haven't received a response yet.

    Thanks again,


  • Hello

    If you have rented a pc ark server you can only crossplay with stadia , steam and epic.

    If you rented the xbox server via the Nitrado app on your xbox one you can only crossplay with xbox and windows 10.

    You cannot swap between crossplaying with the two. They are completely separate. Xbox server do not have mods among other stuff. Pc servers allow mods. Hopefully this answers your question more.

    There isn't a service at the moment that allows crossplay between the two sides.

  • Hi,

    Ok, I think I finally understand this. I have to say, I don't agree with the logic here at all, and I don't understand or didn't see any indications anywhere on indicating that I could only rent an Xbox / PC (Win 10 version only) Crossplay server from the Xbox itself (not even the Xbox app on pc, or from website. Seems a bit odd to me. I feel like it should be much more prevalent information that there are so many PC versions of the game that are NOT compatible with each other. Then throw into the mix that Crossplay works with some versions to others, but not all versions. Last the term Crossplay gets thrown around between different scenarios. Such as Steam PC and Epic Games Launcher PC Crossplay. Google Play and Stadia Crossplay. Xbox and Win 10 Crossplay. Its very confusing and there is not a lot of good explanation out there that I saw. Even tried googling and youtubing explanations. Nothing I saw was providing the complete circumstances here.

    As I was the one trying to administer the server for myself and my friend on his Xbox. He isn't as tech savvy. People through around the terms like Crossplay often, and it's not always clear whether they are speaking about Crossplay between which ecosystems. We had joined Official Dedicated servers before successfully and played via Crossplay (PC Win 10 and Xbox); so I knew there had to be a way somehow to do this. Unfortunately I haven't gotten a reply on my support ticket I submitted Sat 9/11 yet, and so it seems this experiment cost me 30 days of a PC (non-Win 10 version of Ark Server) before finding the Xbox / Win 10 Crossplay server that can only be activated directly from an Xbox.

    Anyway, all things considered, we got our server working at this point. It was a frustrating ordeal, and I'm at least glad to see that now I have the server paid for and up and running, at least I can administer it now from a pc web browser (THANK GOODNESS!).

    Thanks for the replies and help.



    Closed the thread.