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  • I've been playing on a 10 person server for the past couple of years by myself because after b6 months of playing single player, I noticed that a lot of resources were not respawning. After a lot of hard work and a lot of time invested, I was able to create mutated armies to finally take down the 3 Island guardians and the Overseer to ascend and finish the Island. I even got every single explorer note.

    I would like to continue with the story and move to different maps but have no clue how to do it correctly. I've searched a lot for info on doing this but there are so many conflicting threads out there it's impossible to know what's correct and what's not.

    All I want to know is.....

    1. How do I switch maps correctly

    2. Can I return to my Island base whenever I want to and everything still be there? I don't want to lose all my tames and gear that I spent years gaining.

    3. Which map should I be going to next? Is it Scorched Earth? I heard when ascending off the Island that you are brought there but I was only able to spawn back on the island. Unless I did something wrong.

    I am good at playing the game but not very good at the technical stuff when it comes to using a server. So any help would be much appreciated.

  • Hello,

    1.- Please follow the next guide to change a map properly:

    Take into consideration that the Server needs to be stopped before doing these changes.

    2.- Every map has different save folders, your information should be there even if you change from servers.

    Still, this is a really aggressive change and it might come with data corruption if not done properly. My personal recommendation would be to have a different Server for each map to avoid inconveniences.

    3.- The CANON order should be The Island -> Scorched Earth -> Aberration -> Extinction. More information here:

    Hope this information is helpful, but let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Short answer is Yes.

    I've swapped maps on PC quite a few times, so I'm responding to this under the impression that from a server hosting point of view, PC and PS4 would function the same.

    Whenever I've swapped maps, I've uploaded my dinos, items and then survivor to a nearby obelisk. I stop the server then tell it to load a new map. This will create a separate map file. When starting the new map, I usually create a brand new survivor just to get that new player experience again. Once I'm satisfied, I usually will download my old survivor from the previous map and continued on from there. Killed more bosses and such. When I'm ready to leave, I repeat the previous process. I upload the survivor and swapped to a different map. Whenever I've gone back to a previously used map. Everything has been there, all my structures and dinos. They all were left there as if I hit stop on the server and never started it back up again. The only thing to note is that, I had to re-download my previous survivor because all the old structures / dinos are tribe controlled. If you create a new character you technically don't own any of it anymore.

    If you failed to upload your survivor before leaving, then when you return to that map with a new character. You will be treated like a stranger. But if you download the survivor that initially was in that tribe. You will have access to everything just like you did when you left the map in the first place. I've heard its possible to gain control of all the stuff again through admin cheat commands. But I've never been in a position where I had to do that.

  • Thanks Blazer. Best answer I've gotten so far. One things I'm confused about though.....Why create a new character for when starting new map? What is the point of gaining experience on a new character if you're going to download your old one anyway? And what do you mean by "satisfied" when you said "Once I'm satisfied, I usually download my old survivor".

  • That's all personal. In my opinion, the most enjoyable part of Ark is the build up. Going from nothing to having everything. So I often swap maps, start all over on a fresh character, then when ready to leave I give ownership of it all to my main. I'll fight the boss on my main, do everything important on my main so it keeps cosmetics / levels and building ownership. Cause sometimes I play certain maps with certain mods. So every now and then I'll transfer back over to Ragnarok and everything I built will still be there, owned by the character that I uploaded. You can easily just download your character on spawn and go about with whatever way you like to play the game. I personally enjoy the fresh start.


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