Why is my server countdown restarting?

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  • I'm running an ark server and have been fairly happy but I have an issue I'm curious about. I have 3 specific days of the week setup in my auto tasks to restart the server at the same time which is 4am PST / 12pm UTC. This has been working fine except for today. The server correctly restarted at the 4am time (however it does this without a countdown or warning message which ignores the one I input into the task) and came back up fairly promptly.

    Then an hour later the server starts a countdown message on the side of the screen, starting at 60 seconds stating that the server is shutting down.

    Question being, why did this occur and why is it different from the ones I have set in server auto task settings?

  • This is still occurring despite deleting all of my automated tasks and reentering them.

    I get no warning or message and I'm suddenly kicked every night around this time from my server stating to rejoin in a few minutes as the server is restarting for maintenance.

    Is this normal every night? I have it to set to reboot twice a week.

  • Hello,

    More than likely it is because updates had been released. If so, this is what happens.

    If you would like Support to review your account/server please contact them to further investigate.

    Support contact information is located in my signature as well as at the bottom of this Community Forum Support site.

    Thank you